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Wappen von Fulda/Arms (crest) of Fulda

Country : Germany

State : Hessen

District (Kreis) : Fulda


  • 1971/2 Bernhards
  • 1971/2 Besges
  • 1971/2 Bronnzell
  • 1971/2 Dietershan
  • 1971/2 Edelzell
  • 1971/2 Gläserzell
  • 1971/2 Haimbach
  • 1971/2 Hamerz
  • 1971/2 Istergiesel
  • 1971/2 Johannesberg
  • 1971/2 Kämmerzell
  • 1971/2 Kohlhaus
  • 1971/2 Lehnerz
  • 1971/2 Lüdermünd
  • 1971/2 Maberzell
  • 1971/2 Malkes
  • 1971/2 Mittelrode
  • 1971/2 Niederrode
  • 1971/2 Niesig
  • 1971/2 Oberrode
  • 1971/2 Rodges
  • 1971/2 Sickels
  • 1971/2 Zell
  • 1971/2 Zirkenbach

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Official blazon
German Ein gespaltener Schild; vorne in Silber ein schwarzes, durchgehendes Kreuz, hinten in Rot ein grüner Dreiberg, aus dem eine grüne Lilienstaude mit drei silbernen Blüten herauswächst.
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The arms are a combination of the cross of the Fulda Abbey and the symbol of the patron saint of the Abbey and city, St. Simplicius. The oldest known seal of the city, which dates from the late 13th century, shows an Abbot on a throne with at his feet a shield with the three lilies rising from a hill. A later seal shows only the patron saint, and in the 17th century he was shown holding a banner with a cross. The above arms were adopted in the 19th century and combine the cross and the lilies.

The combination of both first appears on a banner of the Abbey in 1300, but was never used before as arms of either the Abbey or the city.
Still, the city sometimes used two separate shields, one with the cross, the other with the lily.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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