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Wappen von Heilbronn/Arms (crest) of Heilbronn

Country : Germany

State : Baden-Württemberg

District (Kreis) : Free Urban District (Kreisfreie Stadt)

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Official blazon
German In Gold der rotbewehrte und rotbezungte schwarze Reichsadler mit einem von Rot, Silber und Blau geteilten Brustschild.
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Heilbronn was founded in 1220 as a Royal city by Emperor Friedrich II. In 1281 it became a free Imperial city. As all free Imperial cities Heilbronn used the Imperial Eagle in its seals. At first the eagle faced left, but since the 14th century until today the eagle faces right (which is more common).

Most Imperial cities use a breast-shield to distinguish the arms. For Heilbronn a small shield with the letters H and B was used until 1556. In that year the three-coloured shield appears in images and architecture in the city. At first the colours were blue-silver-red, which in the 19th century were replaced by the present red-silver-blue. The meaning or origin of the colours is not known.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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