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State : Baden-Württemberg
Urban District (Stadtkreis) : Karlsruhe
Additions: 1886 Mühlburg; 1907 Beiertheim, Rintheim, Rüppurr; 1909 Grünwinkel; 1910 Daxlanden; 1929 Bulach; 1935 Knielingen; 1938 Durlach (1921 Aue), Hagsfeld; 1972 Hohenwettersbach, Stupferich; 1973 Wolfartsweier; 1974 Grötzingen; 1975 Neureut (1935 Teutschenreut, Welschneureut), Wettersbach (1972 Grünwettersbach, Palmbach)
City areas (Stadtteile) : Nordweststadt, Waldstadt, Weiherfeld-Dammerstock

Wappen von Karlsruhe/Arms (crest) of Karlsruhe
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Karlsruhe is a relatively young city. It was founded around the castle of Count Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach in 1715-1718. The arms were granted to the young city in 1718. The main division of the field is the arms of Baden in opposite colours. The word Fidelitas is the Latin word for the Order of 'Der Treue', which was founded by Count Karl Wilhelm. During the18th and 19th century often the colours were identical to the arms of Baden. Not until 1895 the original colours were restored and the word Fidelitas was placed between two small black lines.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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