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Wappen von Koblenz/Arms (crest) of Koblenz

Country : Germany

State : Rheinland-Pfalz

District (Kreis) : Urban District (Stadtkreis)
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  • 1891 Neuendorf mit Lützel
  • 1902 Moselweiß
  • 1923 Wallersheim
  • 1937 Ehrenbreitstein
  • 1937 Horchheim
  • 1937 Metternich
  • 1937 Pfaffendorf
  • 1969 Güls
  • 1969 Kesselheim
  • 1969 Stolzenfels
  • 1970 Arenberg
  • 1970 Arzheim
  • 1970 Bubenheim
  • 1970 Immendorf
  • 1970 Lay
  • 1970 Rübenach

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Official blazon
German In Silber ein durchgehendes rotes Balkenkreuz, belegt mit einer goldenen Krone mit drei langstieligen rautenkleeblättrigen Zinken.
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The first seals of Koblenz were mentioned in 1198, but the oldest existing seals date from the 13th century. All seals until 1282 show a city wall with a church and a lily (for St. Mary). In 1282 a rose appears on the seals. In the 13th century the arms changed into a fleur-de-lys, which evolved into a cross. The cross on the arms is derived from the arms of the State of Trier, to which the city belonged at the time.
The crown is described as a Crown of Mary, St. Mary being the patron saint of the city.

The only time the city used other arms was during the occupation under Napoleon. In 1810 arms were granted with in the lower half two wavy bends joining in the middle (for Confluentia, as in Koblenz the Mosel and Rhein rivers join). The upper half showed a silver diamond in a blue field, with a red cross and flowers on the diamond, which was flanked by two dolphins. And a chief with some grape vines. After the fall of Napoleon the old arms were restored.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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