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Incorporated into : 1974 Hinckley and Bosworth

Arms (crest) of Market Bosworth

Official blazon

Arms : Per fesse dancetty of two points Vert and Sable a fesse dancetty of two pieces Argent on a Chief Or three Torteaux that in the centre charged with a pierced Cinquefoil Ermine the two others each charged with a Mascle Gold.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours out of a Mural Crown Or a demi Boar Argent pierced in the breast with a Sword fessewise also Argent hilt and pommel Azure.
Motto: 'POST PROELIA CONCORDIA' - After the battle concord.


The arms were officially granted on November 25, 1954.

The basic colours of white, green and black signify agriculture, granite quarrying and coal mining. The gold chief comes from the arms of the Dixie family of Market Bosworth and is charged with emblems from the arms of other locally prominent families. The three red roundels for de Grey, the gold voided diamonds for Ferrers and the ermine cinquefoil for Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Leicester also links the arms to the County. The "dancetty" fess suggests the initial letter M and represents two gables of the first pair of "Peoples' Houses" officially opened by Harold MacMillan, Minister of Housing and Local Government at the time.

The white boar was the favourite emblem of Richard III and refers to his connections with the district as well as the actual Battle of Bosworth in 1485. His death is suggested by the sword, which is the the Lancastrian colours of blue and white. The gold mural crown derives from the arms of the Woolaston family and also refers to civic government and the enclosure of Bosworth Field.

The motto refers to the nearly 200 years of freedom from civil war the ensued after the Battle of Bosworth Field.

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