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MARLOW (town council)

Part of : 1974 Wycombe (Marlow UDC did not use arms)

Arms (crest) of Marlow (town council)

Official blazon

Arms : Barry wavy of six Argent and Azure a Pale Sable over all in front of two Sculling Oars in saltire blades upwards Or a like Oar in pale Argent all entwined with a Wreath of Laurel proper on a Chief Azure a Celestial Crown Gold between two open Books proper edged and bound Gold.
Crest : On a Wreath Or Sable and Azure within a Coronet of the Norman period composed of four plain points three being manifest Gold each terminating in three Pearls one and two Argent and set upon a Rim Or a Mount Vert thereon a Mute Swan wings inverted and addorsed proper gorged with an Antique Crown of six points four being manifest and resting the dexter foot upon a Wheel Gold enfiled through the hub by a Flash of Lightning fesswise Azure and holding in the beak a Sprig of Shamrock with two leaves Vert; Mantled Sable and Azure doubled Or.
Motto: 'MALO OPTIMUM SEQUI' - I choose to strive for the best.


The arms were officially granted on September 11, 1989.

The black pale, forming a stylised bridge over the waves, along with the oars and laurel wreath symbolise Marlow's situation on the Thames and its associated activities. The celestial crown and the two books are symbolic of All Saints Church and other churches and its scholastic and literary connections.

The colours of the mantling are those of the Hobart and Willoughby families commemorated in the Parish Church. The Norman crown containing a grassy mound refers to William the Conqueror's wife, Queen Maud's tenure of land on which Marlow grew. The swan is that of the Earls and Dukes of Buckingham, familiar in the County's heraldry and as a former Marlow emblem, it holds a wheel transfixed by lightning to indicate the modern industries and has in it's beak a two-leaved shamrock in allusion to the Irish descent of Councillors McCall and Murray and in appreciation of their enthusiastic involvement in obtaining the Coat of Arms for the Town Council. The crown aound the swan's neck is formed of M's for Marlow.

The motto expresses Marlow's search for excellence and the spirit of it's Regatta and contains a typical heraldic play on the name.

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