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Additions: 1973 Melton Mowbray UDC, Melton and Belvoir RDC (1935 Belvoir RDC)

Arms (crest) of Melton

Official blazon

Arms : Quarterly Gules and Vert in the first and fourth quarters a Tower and in the second and third quarters a Garb Or over all a Lion rampant Argent.
Crest : On a Wreath Argent and Gules a Lion rampant quarterly Argent and Gules holding in the dexter claw a Latin Cross Or and in the sinister claw a Roll of Parchment proper.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Bull Sable armed Or and gorged with a Collar dancetty of two points upward Argent and on the sinister side a Horse Argent gorged with a like Collar Gules each resting the interior hoof on a Tower Or, the whole upon a grassy Compartment divided per pale by furrows.


The arms were officially granted on December 17, 1986.

The red and green quartering are derived from the colours of the De Mowbray family and agriculture respectively. The red colour also refers to an incident in 1837 when the Marquess of Waterford decided to paint many of the local buildings red after a fox-hunt.

The towers refer to the Borough status of Melton as well as to the former and present castles in the district, Melton, Thorpe Arnold and Belvoir Castles.

The wheatsheaves are a symbol for the agriculture in the district.

The lion is also taken from the arms of the De Mowbray family, Lords of Melton for over 400 years. The lion also appears in the crest. The lion in the crest holds a cross as a symbol for the many very old churches in the district. The lion also holds a scroll, which symbolises the Borough status and also refers to the Melton Town Estate. The Estate is a charity dating from 1549, founded by the townspeople of Melton.

The supporters are a black bull and a white horse. The bull represents Melton's cattle market, the horse the Royal Army Veterinary Corps in Melton, which traditionally took care of the horses of the British Army since the early 19th century. The supporters wear collars with a symbolic letter M. They stand on a grassy base and two castles, referring to the agriculture and the castles mentioned above.

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