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Additions: 1974 Tiverton Borough, Tiverton RDC, Crediton Borough, Crediton RDC

Arms (crest) of Mid Devon

Official blazon

Arms : Argent four Barrulets wavy Azure on a Pale Gules a Crosier entwined with a Branch of Oak Or on a Chief Gules a Castle of two towers between two Garbs Or.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours a demi-Lion Azure holding between the paws a Woolpack charged with a Cogwheel proper.
Motto: 'FIDE ET INDUSTRIA' - By faith and industry


The arms were officially granted on October 26, 1975.

The shield has a background of white and blue waves indicating the rivers of the district. Over them lies a chief across the top and a pale down the middle, both coloured red for the Devon earth. At the top is a stylized castle in gold, suggested by that in the Tiverton borough seal, between two gold wheatsheaves indicating agriculture; together they denote the former Borough and Rural District of Tiverton.

On the pale is a crosier alluding to St. Boniface of Crediton, the 8th century Bishop who was so influential in Gemany and France in establishing order in the Church. He is said to have cut down a huge oak tree sacred to Thor, and the oak is associated with him in sacred art. His episcopal staff is shown entwined with a branch of oak also in gold and this is also a reference to the rural area around Crediton.

The shield therefore represents all four areas of the former authorities.The crest is a span of the district's history from mediaeval to modern industrial times. The blue lion is that of the Radvers Earls of Devon, one of whom, Richard, built Tiverton Castle in the early 12th century. He holds the woolpack from the Borough Seal, indicative of the importance of the woollen industry in this area in earlier times, as exemplified by the 'Tiverton kersies'. To bring the industrial scene up to date, the woolpack is charged with a steel cogwheel for industry and engineering. The motto FIDE ET INDUSTRIA, can be translated as By Faith and Diligence, or By Faith and Industry. It is appropriate to a district rich in notable churches and the home of St. Boniface, and recalls the themes of the crest.

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