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Additions: 1974 Bletchley UDC, Newport Pagnell RDC, Newport Pagnell (UDC), Wolverton, Winslow (partly)

Arms (crest) of Milton Keynes

Official blazon

Arms : Barry of seven Vair and Gules issuant from the base an Oak Tree of five branches fructed the trunk enfiled by a Mural Crown Or.
Crest : On a Wreath Argent and Gules the Battlements of a Tower proper perched thereon between two Branches of Oak fructed an Eagle displayed wings inverted and gorged with a Collar dancetty Gules.
Supporters : On either side a Fallow Buck each charged on the shoulder with a Double Axe proper.


The arms were officially granted on ?

The oak of the shield symbolises the steady growth of the new borough since 1974. The oak is set against the alternate white and blue bars, and red bars of the Keynes family, which symbolises the historical background of Milton Keynes. The crest is composed of elements from the heraldry of the five constituent authorities. The supporters are bucks, a reminder of the dexter supporter of the county arms, and each is charged on the shoulder with an double axe, a prominent symbol of authority in ancient Crete; it was found carved on the walls of Minoan cities, the earliest known form of planned community. It is considered appropriate for Milton Keynes, a modern planned community.

The motto 'By knowledge, design and understanding' names the qualities required in a forward-looking authority.

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