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Additions: 1974 Dorking UDC, Dorking and Horley RDC (partly), Leatherhead UDC

Arms (crest) of Mole Valley

Official blazon

Arms : Or on a Fess wavy Azure between three acorns slipped and leaved proper a Bar wavy Argent a Chief dancetty of two points upwards Azure.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours out of a Mural Crown Argent between two Branches of Oak leaved proper a Swan roussant Argent holding in the beak a Sword point upwards Gules.
Supporters : On either side a Dorking Cock holding in the beak a Pine Cone all proper.
Motto: 'MINISTRANDO VIGILANS' - Vigilant in our serving


The arms were officially granted on June 3, 1975.

The shield is a heraldic representation of the area. Across the gold field runs a blue and white wave representing the River Mole, with the Dorking urban and rural areas on one side and the Leatherhead area on the other. The acorns are taken from the arms of the three former authorities and that of the Surrey County Council.

Behind the Dorking acorns are two stylised hills representing Box Hill and Leith Hill, two notable geographical features of the district, with a blue sky above. The hill figuration also suggests the letter M with a V in the middle.

The crest features a swan, prominent in the former Leatherhead arms, which alludes to the old Swan Inn of coaching days and to the river and other local waters. The swan holds in its beak a red sword pointing upwards, referring to the association with the City of London through the City Freeman's School and to the connection between the former arms and the 1939-45 war, the Leatherhead arms being the first in heraldry to commemorate the unity of purpose of the Civil Defence Services.

Flanking the swan are two branches of oak leaves linking with the oak in the shield, and are a direct reference to the former Leatherhead crest and the County shield.

The supporters are two cocks of the distinctive five-toed Dorking breed taken from the Dorking crest and characteristic of the surrounding rural area. Each cock holds in its beak a pine cone from the former Dorking Rural District crest, the cones referring to the Weald/Leith Hill wooded area of the district.

The motto, 'Ministrando Vigilans' ('Vigilant in our serving') which gives the initials MV is a derivation of those of the former Dorking & Leatherhead Councils, 'Virtute et Vigilantia' ('By Courage and Vigilance') and 'Service links all'.

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