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Wappen von Ulm/Arms (crest) of Ulm

Country : Germany

State : Baden-Württemberg

District (Kreis) : Urban District (Kreisfreie Stadt)

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Official blazon
German Von Schwarz und Silber geteilt.
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Ulm was a free imperial city and thus used the imperial eagle on its seals. The oldest seal of the city dates from 1244 and shows the eagle with a star and lily around the head, to distinguish the seal from other seals of imperial cities.

The present arms are known since 1351. At first the eagle held a small shield with the arms, later the arms appear as a breast shield. Since the 15th century the eagle becomes less important and the arms generally appear without the eagle. In 1803 the eagle was finally removed from the seals of the city. The arms have not changed since.

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Literature: Stadler, K., 1964-1971; Bardua, 1987.

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