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Province (county) : Pest

Arms (crest) of Érd
Official blazon
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The arms were adopted in 1991.

The green tree refers to Érd's name in the Árpád age ("Erdõ" or "Erdu"; "erdõ" in Hungarian means: "forest, woods") and to the royal forest rangers who lived here.

The golden crown refers to the 3 families who played an important role in Érd's history: Sárkány, Batthyány and Illésházy; the 9 "petals" of the crown symbolize Érd's 9 ancient basic settlement
The blue bottom of the shield symbolizes the Danube which was important (for water mills, harbours) in times past.
The dragon with the cross is a reference to that in the XV-XVI centuries, the members of the Sárkány ("sárkány" in Hungarian means "dragon") family were knights in the Sárkányos order founded by king Zsigmond. The task of this order was to fight against the Turks who started to occupy Hungary during those centuries.

Literature : http://www.nemzetijelkepek.hu

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