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State : Bayern
District (Kreis) : Regen

Wappen von Bodenmais/Arms (crest) of Bodenmais
Official blazon

Geteilt durch den Umriss des Silberbergs in Blau und Silber; oben der goldene Kurhut mit silbernem Hermelinbesatz, unten gekreuzt ein schwarzer Schlägel und ein schwarzer Bergmannshammer.

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The arms were granted on February 4, 1959 after Bodenmais was made a town (Markt) in 1958.

The lower half of the shield shows the so-called Silberberg (silver-mountain) and some mining tools, indicating the importance of iron mining for the town.

The upper half shows a crown for the Dukes of Bayern. The colours are derived from the arms of the Wittelsbach family, Dukes of Bayern and Princes of the Palatinate (Pfalz). In 1522 the dukes granted some privileges to the village and in 1697 the village was ruled as a special estate (Kammergut) of the family.

Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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