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Wappen von Chemnitz/Arms (crest) of Chemnitz

Country: Germany

State: Sachsen

District (Kreis): Free urban district (Kreisfreie Stadt)

Also: Karl-Marx-Stadt (1953-1989)

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Official blazon
German Im gespaltenen Schild rechts in Gold zwei blaue Pfähle, links in Gold einen schwarzen, rot bewehrten Löwen.
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The arms combine the arms of the county Landsberg (Pales) and the county Meissen (lion). These were used by the Dukes of Sachsen of the Wettin family (see also Dresden), as they were Counts of both counties. Since the 15th century the city has used seals with the two complete arms, in the 18th century these were combined in a divided shield as in the above arms.

As a crest the city has used for a long time two buffalo horns with 10 small banners, see image below. Recently the city started to use the crest again.

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Literature: Bensing et al., 1984

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