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Additions: 1973 Lurgan Borough, Portadown Borough and parts of Moira and Lurgan Rural Districts
Incorporated into: 2015 Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon

Arms (crest) of Craigavon
Official blazon

Arms : Per pale dancetty Gules and Or in dexter chief and sinister base a dexter Hand within four Batons masclewise the ends overlapping each other and in sinister chief and dexter base a Roundel charged with an Annulet the outer edge embattled all counterchanged.
Crest : On a Wreath Or and Gules a Mural Crown Or statant thereon a Greyhound Sable with a white flash on its chest supporting over the dexter shoulder with the dexter foreleg a Railway Wheel Tapper Argent.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Unicorn Argent armed unguled maned crined tufted and gorged with a Chain Or pendent therefrom a Stalk of the Flax flowered and leaved proper and on the sinister side an Heraldic Antelope Gules armed unguled tufted and gorged with a Chain Or pendent therefrom a representation of the Clogh Bann or 'Bell of the Parish of Seagoe' proper; the whole upon a Compartment composed of a Grassy Mound proper semy of Apples stalked and leaved and trefoils Or and charged with a Pale barry wavy Argent and Azure.
Motto: Together we progress


The arms were officially granted op April 30, 1979.

The shield is divided per pale indented to show the union of two boroughs.

The red hand of Ulster is shown within a lozenge formed of interwoven strands to represent weaving. The roundels suggest coins for commerce and are charged with cogwheels for industry. All the charges are countercharged. The red and gold colouring is to suggest blood and sweat or the rewards of work.

The crest has a mural crown symbol of municipal government. On this stands a greyhound. This represents the racing dog Master McGrath who won the Waterloo Cup and inspired a song. He supports a wheeltapper, to represent the railway junction at Portadown. The supporters are a unicorn and heraldic antelope from the arms of the Dukes of Manchester. For heraldic difference they wear chains from which hang a flax flower for the traditional linen industry and the historic Seagoe Bell respectively.

The compartment is broken by barry wavy water for the River Bann and Craigavon Lake, while the grass represents the rural areas of Craigavon. The grass is semée of golden apples and shamrocks. The apples are grown locally, while the shamrocks remind us that the district is in Ireland.


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