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Registration no.: 016/2020

Country of origin : Canada
Place of origin : France
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Coat of arms (crest) of Dimitri Prica

Official English blazon

Arms: Vert a bend cotticed fleury above érablé below argent accompanied by 6 firesteels Or. For a crest a japanese shachihoko vert finned or armed and or argent.

Motto: "Grandir dans les histoires"

Other language blazon

French: De sinople a la bande d'argent accompagnée en dessus d'une cotice fleurdelisée et en dessous d'une autre érablée du même et de 6 briquets d'or

Timbre: une shachihoko de sinople barbée d'or, armée et allumée d'argent.

Devise: "Grandir dans les histoires"


The armiger's life includes many varied locations which they combined into an elegant whole. The armiger was born in France (in Alsace), hence the composition. They adopted the firesteels because they light up darkness like scientific research does, one effortful spark at a time, but they are also a reference to Serbia. The armiger later moved to Canada. This is represented through the Maple leaves, a small detail which is almost hidden, which the armiger finds aesthetically pleasing. Finally, the Vert field is a personal preference, and also a nod to Asia, where the colour was more accessible in the Middle Ages. The crest is a traditional roof ornament from Japan, and a way to allude to a folktale called "Koi no takinobori" whose moral is that hard work goes not unrewarded.

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