Freemen in the Suburbs about London

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NEWE CORPORATION OF THE FREEMEN IN THE SUBURBS ABOUT LONDON (also known as the Tradesmen and Artificers' Society)

Coat of arms (crest) of Freemen in the Suburbs about London

Official blazon

Quarterly gules and azure, a cross argent, surmounted by another of the first, between in the first quarter a lion passant guardant, in the second a fleur-de-lis, in the third a rose, and in the fourth a portcullis, all or. Crest- A demi-maiden affrontee proper, vested, on her head a chaplet of roses, and holding in her hands a dove all argent. Supporters- On the dexter side a female figure vested (representing " Concord"), holding in the dexter hand a bundle of javelins all argent, and on the sinister side a man habited as a workman (representing" Industry"), holding in the sinister hand a crank also argent. |}


The arms were officially granted on July 10, 1637.

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