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State : New South Wales

Arms (crest) of Lismore (NSW)

Official blazon

Tierced in pairle reversed, 1st, Argent, a Lymphad Sable, sails furled and oars in action, her fighting-top inflamed of a Beacon proper (in allusion to the land of Lorne); 2nd, Bendy wavy Argent and Azure, a Mitre Or (in allusion to the holy island of Lismore, seat of the ancient Episcopal See of the Isles); 3rd, Vert, a Bull's head cabossed Or between four Roses Argent, barbed and seeded Or (in allusion to the meaning of the word Lismore, 'great garden', and symbolical of the richness and industry centred on Lismore, New South Wales). Above the Shield is placed the Coronet appropriate to a City, and in an Escrol below the same this Motto: 'Am Baile Nach Teid Air Agaidh, Theid E Air Ais'. The accepted translation of the motto is: 'He Who Does Not Prosper, Retrogresses'.


The arms were granted on on January 29, 1947.

The origin of the naming of Lismore having been established, the City Council petitioned the Right Hon. The Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Edinburgh, Scotland, to grant a Coat of Arms based on Scottish heraldry and with appropriate ancient symbols.

The design of the Coat of Arms is that of a three compartmental shield. The first section shows an ancient galley of Lorne; the second, an Episcopal mitre in the midst of water, indicating the Island of Lismore, seat of the historic episcopal see, and the third compartment relates to the meaning of the word "Lismore", "The Great Garden". The latter compartment shows white roses surrounding a bull's head, this being symbolical of the industry around Lismore.

The Latin motto "Qui Non Proficit Deficit" (He who does not progress retrogresses) is inscribed on the Coat of Arms in Gaelic as follows:-"Am baile nach teid air agaidh, theid e air ais"

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Literature : Image and explanation taken from and Northern Star April 25, 1947.