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Incorporated into : 1974 Llanelli District Council

Arms (crest) of Llanelli

Official blazon

Arms : Per chevron Argent and Gules in chief two Lymphads Sable and in base a figure representing St. Elli of the first.
Crest : Issuant from a Mural Crown proper two Dragons' Wings Gules each charged with a Fess chequy Or and Azure.
Motto: 'YMLAEN LLANELLI' - Forward Llanelli


The arms were officially granted on October 22, 1913.

The main feature of the arms is a depiction of St. Elli, who was martyred in about 600 AD, and whose shrine gave the town its name. The two ships refer to the town's port.

The crest has a mural crown for a borough council, from which rise the wings of the red dragon of Wales. The blue and gold chequers come from the arms of the Stepney family who developed the town, provided the first mayor and paid for the grant of arms.

The motto "Ymlaen Llanelli" means Onward Llanelli.

District Council

Additions: 1974 Burry Port UDC, Kidwelly (Borough), Llanelli (Borough), Llanelli RDC
Incorporated into : 1996 Carmarthenshire

Arms (crest) of Llanelli

The district continued the use of the former borough arms.

Town council

Arms (crest) of Llanelli

Official blazon

Arms : Barry wavy Argent and Azure on a Pile overall issuing in base Vert a Male Figure representing St. Elli Argent nimbed Or the Church and Palm held in his hands also Or on a Chief Azure an Anchor its ring fracted Gold between two Coils of Tinplate in perspective the edge of the dexter upwards and that of the sinister downwards both proper.
Crest : On a Mural Crown checky Or and Azure with Pennons between the battlements pendant Gules a Dragon statant also Gules the underwing Vert armed also Vert holding up in the dexter paw a Saucepan the handle inwards Gold; Mantled Gules and Vert doubled Argent.
Motto : 'CYFOETH CYMDEITHAS: CYMUNED' - A society's weath is its community.


Llanelli Town Council was created under provisions contained in 1972 and the arms were granted on 15th July, 1981.

The arms show St. Elli between the waves. The chief shows two coils of tinplate and an anchor, symbolising industry and the harbour in the town. The crest shows the Welsh Dragon.

The motto: CYFOETH CYMDEITHAS: CYMUNED can be translated as A Society's Wealth is its Community.

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