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Incorporated into: 1974 Dyfed
Re-establihed 1996 as a unitary authority
Additions: 1996 Carmarthen, Dinefwr, Llanelli

Arms (crest) of Carmarthenshire

Official blazon

Arms : Quarterly indented Or and Gules in the first and fourth quarters a Dragon rampant and in the second and third quarters a Lion rampant all counterchanged.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours a Dagon passant Gules gorged with a Collar flory counterflory and resting the dexter foreclaw on a Harp Or.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Dragon Gules gorged with a Collar flory counterflory attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or and on the sinister side a Sea Horse Argent the piscine parts proper gorged with a Collar flory counterflory attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or.
Motto: 'RHYDDID GWERIN FFYNIANT GWLAD' - The freedom of the people is the prosperity of the country.


The arms were officially granted on August 28, 1935. When Carmarthenshire was recreated in 1996 the old arms were confirmed on March 18, 1996 with the addition of supporters in 1997.

The arms combine the Welsh dragon and the gold lions and indented division from the arms of Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr, King of South Wales in the eleventh century and his grandson the Lord Rhys whose descendants still form a notable county family.

The harp symbolizes Welsh musical traditions and poetry, of which the County is an important centre.

The dragon supporter again represent Wales and the seahorse reprsents the sea, they are both chained to signify protection and stability.

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