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Registration no.: 007/2020

Country of origin : United States
Place of origin : Washington, D.C.
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Coat of arms (crest) of Nathaniel Lee Peterson

Official English blazon

Badge of Nathaniel Lee Peterson

Vert a gamelyon rampant grasping a sword Argent hilted and with an eagle-headed pommel Or, in chief an arc of five suns radiant the center one larger than the others also Or

Other language blazon


Vert, as used by the armiger, depicts his INFJ personality. It also symbolizes contemplation, growth, profound hope, faith and loyalty.
Eleazar the Gamelyon is an odd beastie. He has the body, legs, feet and tail of a lion or dragon, the wings and barbed tongue of a dragon and the indeterminate head of a lion, wolf, dragon or possibly even a griffon. He is argent, which represents sublime contentment and the expression of the fruits of the spirit. Eleazar's wings represent the desire to protect others, while his barbed tongue depicts the armiger's interest in mediation.
Eleazar, holding the vorpal sword Gedeyon aloft, signifies the armiger taking up the panoply of God. Gedeyon depicts the armiger's interest in military history, heraldry, phaleristics, archontology and swordsmanship along with 20 other related arts and sciences.
The Five Golden Suns symbolize transcendent grace, which is dispensed in this, the third (the central sun) eon of the magnificent plan of God. Or represents the Gold of Ophir, which itself has layered meaning.
Eleazar wields Gedeyon on the crest, as a respectful nod to the fortitude, courage and military service tradition of the armiger's family.
The elements on the raised Pennon reflect the related elements on the armiger's shield.

Registration details

19th February 2015, Registration No. 0320 (Vol.2), The Armorial Register - International Register of Arms.
10 June 2015, registration No. : 20150610C, U.S. Heraldic Registry
12 March 2017, Registration No. AA0006, Society of American Armigers

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