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Coat of arms (crest) of National Arms of Togo
Official blazon

Les armoiries de la République togolaise sont ainsi constituées : écu d'argent de forme ovale et à la bordure de sinople, en chef l'emblème national, deux drapeaux adossés et devise sur banderole ; en coeur de sable les initiales de la République togolaise sur fond d'or échancré ; en pointe, deux lions de gueules adossés


Togo does not use proper arms, but the above state emblem, which was adopted on March 14, 1962 and more clearly described in 2008.

The emblem shows two red lions, which symbolize the bravery of the people. The bow and arrow call for all citizens to be active in the defense of freedom of the country. Between the lions is a golden shield with the letters RT (République Togolaise). Above the flag of Togo is displayed twice. On the ribbon stands "Travail, Liberté, Patrie" (Work, Liberty, Homeland)

Colonial arms

Togo was created as a German colony Togoland in 1884. The colony was occupied in 1914 during WWI and finally in 1922 divided by France and the United Kingdom. The French part received independency in 1960 as Togo.

The German colony used arms in a similar design as the other German colonies; a chied with the Imperial eagle and in the base a local symbol. For Togo a palm tree and two snakes were chosen.


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