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Blason de National Arms of the Marshall Islands/Arms (crest) of National Arms of the Marshall Islands

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The Marshall Islands do not use a national coat of arms, but the above seal.

The seal shows a bird, wings expanded, symbolizing the Angel of Peace. It is surrounded by (clockwise):

  1. A 24-pointed star, of which 18 rays represent the municipalities of the Republic and of which two longer rays.
  2. Two orange and white parted triangles from the national flag, the orange symbolizing bravery, the white symbolizing peace. The triangles also symbolize the two ranges of atolls, the Ratak (Sunrise-) and Ralik (Sunset-) ranges.
  3. A fishing net symbolizing the main food of the people of the Marshall Islands
  4. An outrigger canoe.
  5. A listel with the word ‘SEAL’
  6. An atoll with palm trees
  7. A pestle made of a giant clam (Tridacna gigas). This kind of pestle is cherished by every family of the Marshall Islands and is used to crush pandanus leaves for making mats, sails and clothing.

The central part is surrounded by a bordure bearing the legend GOVERNMENT OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS and JEPILKILIN KE EJUKAAN, the motto meaning: Accomplisment Through Joint Effort.

Around all is a chain symbolizing the unity of the islands, one half representing the Ratak range, the other half the Ralik range.

At the beginning of the 20th century the islands were a German colony, but unlike other German colonies, no arms were designed for the islands.

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