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Municipality : Peniche
District : Leiria
Additions : 2012 Ajuda, Conceição, São Pedro

Brasão de Peniche (freguesia)
Official blazon
Portuguese Escudo de prata, rochedo de negro rematado por corvo marinho de negro com asas estendidas, bicado e sancado de vermelho, tudo movente de campanha ondada de cinco tiras ondadas de verde e prata, as de prata carregadas de três peixes de vermelho, dois na primeira e um na segunda. Coroa mural de prata de quatro torres. Listel de prata com a legenda em letras negras maiúsculas: “ FREGUESIA DE PENICHE ”.
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The arms were officially granted on February 4, 2019.

The silver shield refers to the veneration of Nossa Senhora da Ajuda, Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem and Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, whose worship and religious festivals are associated with the sea, as well as the beauty of the famous bobbin lace, the which the Penichense woman was dedicated to.

The rock represents the “Nau dos Corvos” rock, whose aspect is similar to that of a 16th century ship. This rock, considered a true Peniche landmark, is located off the Cape Carvoeiro, on which cormorants are usually seen. The cormorant, intends to reinforce its identification as “Nau dos Corvos”, and in which these seabirds, with open wings, often dry their feathers in the sun, also remembering the avifauna in the Reserve Born in Berlengas, this is one of the seven species that nest here.

The wavy base epresents the Atlantic Ocean, which surrounds the peninsula where the parish is located, as well as the importance of the sea as a source of livelihood for the local peopple, its beaches, and its tourist and sporting potential associated with surfing practice.

The fish represent fishing, one of the main economic activities of the parish, as well as the canning industry that has existed in the region since Roman times It also refers to fauna in the area of ​​the Berlengas Nature Reserve, in which seventy-six species of fish are listed.

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