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Registration no.: 007/2017

Country of origin : Brazil
Place of origin : Sao Paulo
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

English Party per chevron: first Or, four pales Gules; second Azure charged with five annulets Argent intertwined in cross. Closed helmet Argent turned right and mantling Azure doubled Or. Crest: On a wreath Azure and Or, a natural owl holding the right claw on an armillary sphere Or. Motto: CARITAS NUMQUAM EXCIDIT

Other language blazon

Portuguese: Partido em asna: primeiro de ouro, com quatro palas de vermelho; segundo de azul, com cinco aneletes de prata entrelaçados em cruz. Elmo cerrado de prata forrado de vermelho voltado a três quartos para a destra. Virol e paquife de azul e ouro. Como timbre uma coruja ao natural apoiando a garra destra sobre uma esfera armilar de ouro. Sob o escudo, um listel de prata forrado de vermelho, com a divisa ‘CARITAS NUMQUAM EXCIDIT’ em capitais de negro.


The colors red and gold are symbols of the royalty of Christ. This partition is inspired by the primitive coat of Lima. The colors blue and silver refer to the Virgin Mary. The intertwined annulets are symbols of union of the peoples and refer to the Olympic Movement. At the same time, they are memories of my family: me, my parents and my two brothers. They also symbolize the five dimensions of my life: faith, friendship, arts, sport and diplomacy. The motto is inspired by Paul's first letter to the Corinthians: CHARITY WILL NEVER END.

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