San Juan (Puerto Rico)

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Coat of arms (crest) of San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Country : United States

State : Puerto Rico

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Official blazon
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The lamb exemplifies first Jesus Christ and in second place St. John the Baptist, Puerto Rico' original name sake, and the rock represents Mount Zion, symbol of Jerusalem. The river from the rock meant Jordan river. The rock also represents the islet of San Juan. The five tower castle crown decorates the emblem of towns fortified with walls, such as the old district of the City.

In 1799, King Charles the IV of Spain, recognized the city's valour and devotion, (after the last English attack) granting its inhabitants the privilege of using the motto : "FOR ITS PERSEVERANCE, LOVE AND LOYALTY, THIS CITY IS VERY NOBLE AND VERY LOYAL"

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Literature : Information and image received from Luis F. Ramos.

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