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Registration no.: 010/2021

Country of origin : United States
Place of origin : Minnesota
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

Argent, a raven regardant Sable in its beak a pomegranate fruit Gules. For a crest, on a circlet of maple leaves Gules a fluyt Argent under sails and pennons Sable. For a motto, "Creativity, Curiosity, Compassion." For a badge, a roundel per fess Purpure and Ermine.

Other language blazon


In the escutcheon, the raven represents intelligence, despair, and a life spent at various locales in northerly latitudes. It is sable to mark Black Irish ancestry as part of the the armiger's maternal line and West African ancestry as part of the armiger's paternal line. The pomegranate represents creativity, hope, and the bitter-sweetness of life. Argent represents peace, the reconciliation of hope and despair, and the snows of winter, marking both the locations where the armiger has lived and the preference for cooler times of year owing to reverse seasonal affective disorder. The colour combination of black, white, and red was a favourite of the armiger's in adolescence, and marks the importance of memory and reminiscence.

Badge of Whittier Nathan Strong

In the crest, the maple leaves represent the armiger's affection for and frequent travels to Canada, as well as autumn, which also marks the armiger's challenges with reverse seasonal affective disorder. The fluyt represents the armiger's love of travel, and is the type of ship the armiger's first European colonial ancestors would have taken to North America. The sails and pennons are sable as a sign of grief for how the armiger's African ancestors were brought to North America.

The motto was first used to guide the armiger's career as a teacher. It embodies the values the armiger believes are necessary for the continuance and success of the human species. It came to embody the armiger's values overall.

The badge is a roundel to represent the armiger's belief in cosmopolitanism and the desire for world peace and unity. Purpure is close to the armiger's favourite colour of indigo, whilst ermine represents the armiger's love of animals.

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