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Wappen von Wien XXII : Donaustadt/Arms (crest) of Wien XXII : Donaustadt

Country : Austria

State : Wien

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The arms of the Wien XXII, Donaustadt, combine the arms of Wien-Aspern, Wien-Stadtlau, Wien-Hirschstetten, Wien-Kagran, with symbols for the other former villages.

Süßenbrunn is represented by a golden well on blue. Originally, the settlement was just named "Brunn" (= well), however, during the late Middle Ages it was referred to by the name of the land owner, one Mr "Siehs" or "Süß", so the name should translate into "Siehs' Well". ".

Breitenlee is represented by a book in a pouch and a crosier on the Austrian shield. The arms are derived from those of Schottenstift abbey who still owns and runs a manor and agriculture in Breitenlee.

"Preitenlee" was first documented in 1200, the name deriving from a natural dam of one arm of the Danube. From this "Lee" (= hill), the name of the community was derived.

Eßling is represented by a golden eagle wing derived from the arms of the Lords of Eslarn. The name was first documented as "Eselaren" in 1250/60, since 1590, it has been called "Essling". The name originates either from a family name ("Ezelaren") or from a settlement where donkeys ("Esel") were used or traded.

Kaisermühlen is represented by a golden water mill in blue. Name and arms refer to the mills on the Danube that were imperial property ("Kaiser-Mühlen" "= "="Emperor's Mills").

Literature : Diem et al: "Die Wiener Bezirke", Bundesverlag, Wien, 2003

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