Yutazinsky Rayon

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YUTAZINSKY RAYON (Ютазинский район)

Federal subject : Tatarstan

Arms of/Герб Yutazinsky Rayon

Official blazon

В зелёном поле серебряный жаворонок с распростёртыми крыльями, сидящий на выходящей фигуре в виде лазоревого узорного купола, окаймлённого серебром и обременённого также выходящим золотым солнцем (без изображения лица).


The arms were granted on July 18, 2005.

The arms show a lark, a common bird in the area, which symbolises the fact that the district is in the south-east of the republic, and thus has the first sunrise. The lark is a early active bird. This is also symbolised by the sun, which is also seen as a symbol of life.

The chevron/dome resembles national Tatar ornaments and, therefore, emphasizes the love and respect of residents of the area to its local traditions.

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