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History: Constituted as 305 Air Rescue Squadron on 16 Jan 1958. Activated in the Reserve on 8 Feb 1958. Redesignated as 305 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron on 18 Jan 1966. Ordered to Active Service on 26 Jan 1968. Relieved from Active Duty on 19 Jun 1969. Redesignated as: 305 Air Rescue Squadron on 1 Apr 1990; 305 Rescue Squadron on 1 Feb 1992. Inactivated on 1 Sep 1992. Activated in the Reserve on 1 Oct 1993. Trained for and performed search and rescue operations primarily in the upper mid-western U.S., 1958-1992. Deployed personnel worldwide to support active duty forces, including to the Far East following the USS Pueblo incident, Jan 1968-Jun 1969, to Keflavik, Iceland, during and after the Gulf War. Maintained helicopter refueling capability, 1972-1992, including providing refueling during the removal of bodies from the Jonestown (Guyana) mass suicide in Nov 1978. Supported sister rescue squadron (304 Rescue Squadron) May-Jun 1980, following the volcanic eruption of Mt St Helens (Washington). Provided support for space shuttle launches in Florida, 1981-1982 and 1988. Trained for combat search and rescue and performed search and rescue operations primarily in the southwestern U.S., 1993-. Provided support in counterdrug operations to U.S. civilian agencies, 1994-. Supported Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, 2001-.

Coat of arms (crest) of the 305th Rescue Squadron, US Air Force
Official blazon
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The Emblem was approved 16 August 1967.

Literature: Image and Information from https://www.afhra.af.mil/

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