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This page shows the sources used, or to be used, on the site Heraldry of the World. Not all the information from the literature mentioned below has been added to the site yet. If you require information from one of the sources below, please contact me.

Posters, websites, mails/letters, stamps, postcards, maps and similar sources are not included. For an overview of heraldic picture albums, tobacco cards, trade cards, stamps etc, see here)

I buy books and pamphlets in ANY LANGUAGE AND ANY CONDITION!
I have materials in my library in >50 languages and would like to have more. 
I only buy paper-based (or flat) items !
To offer me books or pamphlets, please send as full a description as you can, including if possible title, author, date and place of
publication, number of pages, approximate number of illustrations in black and white and in color, whatever other information you think 
might be useful, price requested and estimated shipping cost to the Netherlands. 

All literature is listed per country; i.e. information about heraldry of that country, not necessarily published there. For ecclesiastical (religious) and military heraldry special sections are included. The references there are not listed under the country itself.

Per country:

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